Make everyday life easier. With electricity and district heating, with natural gas and drinking water from Stadtwerke Karlsruhe.

The supply of energy and drinking water is our job, which we carry out together with our partner, the EnBW – Energie Baden-Württemberg AG. Our products make life easier. Light, heat, coolness, freshness, cleanliness, maintenance, relaxation, the enjoyment of art, information, and labour saving. Whenever you want, all of this is available in no time at all at the push of a button – through electricity, natural gas, drinking water and district heating; all of which arrive unobtrusively, by line, into your home.

Over 1,100 co-workers ensure that Stadtwerke Karlsruhe customers are able to enjoy this service without disruption. As well as the traditional supply of electricity, drinking water and environmentally friendly natural gas and district heating, we also offer our customers various heating and cooling systems. We advise our industrial and commercial customers about every aspect of energy supply. Contracting, consulting and telecommunication are areas that have allowed us to change from a conventional, to a modern, commercially orientated supply enterprise. Economic management, while preserving resources and protecting the environment. This is the challenge that we would like to set ourselves in the future.


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